Hello, Austin! I’m Greg, the owner of R&R Pest Control. I’ve seen our Austin community grow, and with it, so have the families, their children, dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that every family deserves the best, safest protection against pests.

We all know them—roaches, spiders, ants, all trying to crash our Austin homes. But with R&R by your side, I ensure they’re shown the door in the gentlest manner, ensuring the safety of every family member, no matter how many legs they have.

Quick Statistics on Common Chemicals Found in Other Pest Control Applications

Organophosphates: Found in over 70% of conventional pesticides, these chemicals affect the nervous system. In high enough doses or prolonged exposure, they can cause respiratory failure, twitching, tremors, and paralysis. They’ve also been linked to developmental disorders in children.

Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins: These are synthetic versions of chemicals found in chrysanthemum flowers. Around 30% of all insecticides today contain them. While often marketed as ‘safe,’ they can still cause allergic reactions, nausea, and even symptoms of poisoning in pets if ingested in large amounts.

don't use toxic chemicals in your austin, texas home
worker spraying toxic chemicals to eliminate mosquitoes
Toxic chemicals can be used to deter mosquitoes.

Carbamates: These chemicals inhibit a vital enzyme in the nervous system. They’re found in about 20% of insecticides. Side effects can range from blurred vision and slow heartbeat to seizures, and they pose a particular danger to young children who are still developing.

Rodenticides: Aimed at controlling rat and mouse populations, these can be extremely dangerous. They cause internal bleeding, and if a pet or child ingests even a small amount, it can be fatal without immediate treatment.

The Potential Dangers These Chemicals Pose to Pets and Kids

Ingestion: Kid and pets can inadvertently consume these chemicals. Ingestion can lead to immediate poisoning, the symptoms of which might include vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, and seizures.

Skin Contact: Even without consuming, merely coming in contact can lead to reactions. Pets walking on a recently sprayed lawn, or children playing on a treated surface, can develop rashes, burns, or other skin irritations.

Inhalation: Breathing in the fumes from these chemicals, even in small amounts, can lead to respiratory issues, dizziness, or more severe complications in both pets and humans.

Long-term Health Risks: Prolonged exposure, even in minute doses, can lead to developmental issues in children, reproductive problems, and even an increased risk of certain cancers. For pets, it can reduce life expectancy, impact organ function, or lead to chronic conditions.

Protect your pets and kids from harmful pest control.

Common Household Pests and Safe Treatments

Here’s a brief overview of these common nuisances and how we at R&R Pest Control handle them, prioritizing safety and effectiveness.

roach dead from eco friendly pest control austin texas
R&R Pest Control specialist safely removing spiders from a home, with a focus on child and pet safety.
R&R Pest Control expert in Cedar Park, Texas, using eco-friendly methods to treat an ant infestation.
R&R Pest Control in Round Rock for Swift Scorpion Solutions, Eco-Friendly Approaches

Roaches: These pesky critters can survive in almost any environment, making them particularly hard to control.

R&R’s Safe Treatment: We use diatomaceous earth, a natural powder that’s deadly to roaches but entirely safe for pets and children. This powder harms the roaches’ exoskeleton, dehydrating and eventually eliminating them without introducing any toxic chemicals to your home.

Spiders: While many spiders are harmless, some, like the brown recluse or black widow, can be dangerous.

R&R’s Safe Treatment: We utilize sticky traps in strategic locations to catch and monitor spider populations. For more persistent spider problems, we apply essential oil sprays, like peppermint or lemon, which repel spiders without harming your family or pets.

Ants: From pesky sugar ants to the more formidable carpenter ants, these tiny invaders can be quite a nuisance.

R&R’s Safe Treatment: We start by determining the ants’ entry points and sealing them off. Next, we use a blend of natural repellents. For colonies or more significant infestations, we employ baits made from boric acid—a substance that’s toxic to ants but safe for larger animals and humans in the amounts we use.

Scorpions, Silverfish, and More: Austin’s diverse ecosystem means we occasionally encounter other pests as well.

R&R’s Safe Treatment: For these and other less common pests, our approach is always to start with prevention, using natural barriers and repellents. Only when absolutely necessary do we escalate to more direct methods, and even then, our focus is on the least toxic, most eco-friendly solutions available.

Top 7 Benefits of Pet-Friendly and Kid-friendly Pest Control

Baby crawling confidently in a home treated with non-toxic pest control.
Upholding Austin's eco-friendly legacy with safe pest control.
House sold sign in front of a home protected with non-toxic pest control.

1. Health and Safety: Traditional pesticides can have harmful side effects on children and pets. Using safer alternatives eliminates the risk of poisoning, allergic reactions, or respiratory issues.

2. Environmentally Responsible: Eco-friendly solutions often have a reduced carbon footprint and don’t contribute to water or soil pollution, protecting Austin’s unique ecosystem.

3. No Need to Evacuate Your Home: Unlike traditional methods with toxic fumes, R&R’s safe practices let you continue daily routines uninterrupted.

4. Boosts Property Value: Homes that can guarantee eco-friendly and safe pest control treatments can be more attractive to potential buyers or renters who value safety and sustainability.

5. Increased Peace of Mind: Parents, pet owners, and home owners can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are not being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

6. Effective Long-Term Solution: Many natural and eco-friendly treatments are not just safer, but they offer long-lasting solutions without the need for frequent, potentially hazardous applications.

7. Cost-Effective: Eco-friendly solutions can be more cost-effective as they focus on preventative measures and long-term solutions, reducing the need for repeated treatments.

R&R’s Eco-Friendly Bug, Insect, Rodent or Pest Elimination Approach

Dedicated R&R Pest Control Specialist Ready to Serve in Round Rock, Texas.
  • Precision-Driven Approach: We focus on targeting the root of pest problems rather than broad, blanket treatments.
  • Over Three Decades Strong: Proudly a family-run business with a legacy of prioritizing safety.
  • Minimally Toxic Solutions: Committed to using the least toxic methods to safeguard kids and pets.
  • Exterior Barrier Treatments: Offering robust exterior treatments to reduce the need for internal interventions.
  • Community-Centered Service: Serving North Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, and Liberty Hill with dedication and promptness.

From My Home to Yours: 3 Tips for My North Austin Neighbors

  • The Small Details: Always be on the lookout for subtle signs like odd marks or disrupted food packages.
  • Proactive Measures: Keeping your home clean is half the battle won. A few simple steps like storing food properly and sealing gaps can make a world of difference.
  • A Friend in Need: If you ever feel overwhelmed by pests, remember, I’m just a call away.
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The R&R Family Promise

More than a business, R&R is my promise to you. Every home we’ve protected, every client we’ve served, stands as a testament to our commitment. A commitment to protect every member of your family, whether they walk, run, fly, or swim.

Servicing the North Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and Liberty Hill, Texas, your safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind sit at the heart of all we do!

Greg Vines, owner of R&R Pest Control, posing with his family.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service for your residential home or commercial business, feel free to contact me below or call 512-963-5346