Scorpion Control

Do you have a scorpion problem? R&R sprays the perimeter of the house and all baseboards, door frames, window seals as well as the attic. Our team will dust the attic as this is where scorpions tend to nest. R & R Pest Control’s elimination plan can take care of your scorpion problem at a fraction of competitors’ prices and provide a 100% guarantee!

How Do I Reduce The Chances of Having Scorpions?

  1. Make sure that trees and shrubs are not touching the exterior of your home
  2. Keep your lawns mowed
  3. Eliminate woodpiles
  4. Do not keep objects scorpions can hide under anywhere near the house

Scorpions naturally like to keep out of the sun by hiding under flat objects. There’s nothing like a pile of wood or rocks to keep the sun out. For additional recommendations and control, contact a pest control professional.

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